According to Doctors…Wayburn Dean is not really supposed to be here. Only two days after he was born, the doctor informed his mother that her child had rheumatic fever and had ten days– maybe less –to live. Wayburn’s mother took her son home to the little cottage where she lived in New Mexico, and held her newborn up to a single light bulb hanging from a wire in the ceiling. “God,” she prayed, “I’m coming to you as Hannah did. I’m asking you to save my baby. And I promise I will give him back to You.”

It is often said that where people place a period, God inserts a comma. And Wayburn Dean’s life has definitely been spent giving his talents back to God, as his mother prayed. Indeed, the instant success of his 2nd and third solo efforts – “IMMEASURABLE” – and “THROUGH THE RAIN” is further proof that Wayburn’s talents are not going unnoticed.

Radio has instantly embraced Wayburn’s return to the music scene, catapulting his first, second and third singles from his new IMMEASURABLE CD to the top 5 on the national Soft-AC Inspirational charts. The CD has been picked up for distribution in all Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Borders, Tower Records, and other mainstream stores nationwide. IMMEASURABLE has hit a nerve, and Wayburn believes it has a specific purpose.
THROUGH THE RAIN, Wayburn’s fourth release is no less successful. All three single releases, Through The Rain at #3 and I Need A Savior at #2 and What Will Be Your Legacy at #1 quickly topped the national charts. “Most importantly says Wayburn the music and message is being heard and responded to by many. That is the real focus of our ministry”

Known for his vocal prowess in the multi-million-selling group Acappella, Wayburn’s musical ability gained him much acclaim during his 5 ½ year stint with the group. With songs such as “Rescue” and “We Have Seen The Glory,” Wayburn’s lead vocals garnered Grammy and Dove nominations, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award from the CAMA for his efforts to further a cappella music. But in the midst of the accolades and honors, Wayburn decided to take a break.

From 1993 to 2001, Wayburn decided a reprieve from touring and recording would give him a chance to refocus. He dived into helping worthwhile causes, devoting his time and efforts to important philanthropic organizations. He and his wife, Janae, became involved in several projects together, including developing a Sunday School curriculum for middle school students. But the further Wayburn walked away from music, the more melodies he seemed to hear, and eventually, the music had to come out. And it has come out in– a big way.

Recently, an arrangement he did of “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” was used in the movie “The Fighting Temptations” starring Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. But Wayburn gives more credit to his wife for the songs they write together.

“Janae is great at putting life’s experiences into lyrics and I’m pretty good at finding the melody, so we compliment each other. Where ever I travel, I take her with me because she can minister to people – especially to women – that maybe I can’t do. She plays a critical role in my life and in this ministry.”

Wayburn and his wife formed a non-profit organization called Afterword Music. They have donated thousands of cds to missionaries and churches in Vietnam, India, Jamaica, Brazil, New Zealand, and other countries. Wayburn sees this as a chance to offer hope to those who may have never heard the Gospel.

“I want our music to be a source of encouragement to people all over the world,” says Wayburn. “The Gospel is the message of hope to so many oppressed people. Jesus Christ is the answer to every challenge we face, and it is my prayer that my music will bring people closer to finding a personal relationship with Him.”

Wayburn recently went back to the house he grew up in, and he was amazed at how tiny it now seemed. But there was that wire, hanging loosely from the ceiling, and it reminded Wayburn that the smallest light can make a big difference.

“We are commissioned by God to be the Light of our generation,” Wayburn concludes. “Every Christian can make a difference in this world. We just have to be willing to shine our lights into some dark, sometimes scary, places. But it only takes a little light